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At the end of 2009 I began tweeting reviews of the movies I was seeing. It was the act of a diminishing memory as I struggled to recall whether I'd seen a film or not.

It was a 'moviegoing' time.




#AboutTime middle-English timetravel rom-com whimsy. Irritating & most affecting this last from #Curtis frees me from cinemas gt paradox ***


#Allied So dull, WW2 spy shenanigans w that nice #BradPitt & the thrills of Year 5s recorder ensemble. Still, pretty costumes so who cares *


#AmericanHeist Lactose-intolerant caper movie in which #Brody looks to be on the wrong set & the script was written using dead letter drop**


#AmericanHoney road-trip picaresque shot neath mid-western skies & strip malls. Heroine seeks adventure, tastes love, grows a little. ****


#AmericanHustle sub-Scorsese narrative of con upon Feds politicos & Mob in 70s set soundtracked & shod familiar. Too impressed w/ itself ***


#AmericanSniper #ClintEastwood delivers an addition to the hagiography of America's fantasy fighting force. Part fascistic, part moving **


#Anchorman2 - remarkably unfunny rehash of #WillFerrell newsman 'comedy' vehicle. Not a smirk was had for this lazy trudge to the bank *


#Arrival aliens arrive & need to be communicated with. Superior SF thinkpiece that posits language as creator of the real, a must-see ****



#BadMoms Probably the best of the genre for '16, a comedy that fails to offend, is magnanimous, right on and just filthy enough. ***


#BadNeighbors Shouldn't be funny/damn well is. sees new parents fight frat house next door in quest 4 peace. Nicely observed & laffs ****


#BeginAgain Small NY comedy of indy music success grows on ya. #Ruffalo washed up exec making #Kiera big. Should be terrible but its not ***


#BridgeOfSpies Newcomers #Spielberg & #Hanks deliver compotent a/c of spy handover in Cold War GDR. Still H/wood by nos: Xmas Quality St ***


#BridgetJonesBaby tedious milking of cashcow w/ terrible possibility of another. I like romcom as much as the next man but this is dull **


#TheBigShort AAA a/c of 2008 US bank collapse & the men who saw it coming, starts well but weighed down by aspiration & multiple actors ***


#Blackhat another #MichaelMann film that elides surface and content presenting as sheen & yet enquiring of form. Hackers, guns, travel ****


#BigGame If you see one daft actioneer this year then make it this one. #SamJackson is #POTUS rescued by a Finnish kid. A silly treat ****


#BillyLynnsLongHalftimeWalk heroism in Irak ends up as propaganda shuffle for company B. A disjointed & badly edited adaptation, some good**





#CaptainFantastic Off-grid dad #ViggoMortensen leads 6 feral kids to ma's funeral. Weak script & ungainly edit but still delightful ***


#CentralIntelligence delighting buddy spy shenanigans with #TheRock whose charisma as nerd made muscled CIA operative is remarkable.****


#Chef #Favereau attempts rtn to indy roots as maverick epon. but looks like no one can tell the big fella when to stop. Cut 30' and maybe **


#CitizenFour follows #EdwardSnowden 2013 leaks. Playing more like a taut thriller than a by-the-min documentary, its a remarkable film *****

#TheCommuter #LiamNeeson may well have a special set of skills but but this turgid peril on a train actioneer wastes them... by numbers **


#ComputerChess b+w faux doc about epon, a v/dry & trippy comedy. Tastes like #Primer but launches an assault on todays uber nerd culture****


CrazyStupidLove a superior H/wood romcom both funny & romantic w/ nuanced performaces, sharp script & stylish design. Gt tunes to ****


#CubanFury WTF, Ldn salsa scene provides #NickFrost a vehicle to... depressing Brit film industry product with some sitcom laffs **




#DadsArmy Puzzling rehash of this 70s fave produces familiar tropes & zero laughs. Shame, it's the sort of thing youd like to work but...**


#DallasBuyersClub 80s Texas & AIDS is killing. Redneck #McConaghy hustles for treatment as Big Pharma makes $. Good if H/wood worthy ***


#DarkestHour #Oldman's Churchill aside this trudge down GB Way jumps the shark at 'We've lost the PM'. Expecting spam for tea **


#DasBoot WW2 U-boot drama does a lot with a bunch of blokes stuck in a submarine: at 209' a remarkable achievement full of tension etc ****


#Daybreakers Fabulous idea: world run by vampires but the human blood is running out. Inventive but bloody descent into V.silly gorefest ***


#Deadpool a distinctly ironic ('meta' - sigh) take on the comic book hero, w/ a sweet love story at its heart. Violent, smart & funny ****


#DoctorStrange #DMT goes mainstream w/ superhero flic that draws down the whole new age ontology. Lumbering 3rd CGI act aside, innarestin***


#DonPeyote WTF stoner movie that wants to channel #Jodorowosky but left me feeling embarrassed for the extras. Shame Im their demographic**


#Downsizing Curious people miniaturisation SF yarn that fails to tie its threads together. Satire seems intended but of what. Pity **


#DraculaUntold H/wood superhero tropes channeled into a 'before' story of Drakularrr Prince of ZZZs. Usual CGI shite, not without appeal **


#DragonBlade my 8yr old cooked this one up: Romans yeah but in China w/ #JackieChan chop-sock #Cusack & CGI. What can go wrong? A mystery *


#TheDrop The staff in the Boston bar where the mob drop the money may be crooked. You can imagine how it's going to play. And it does. ***


#Dirty30 another oh so ok H/wood comedy, this w/ a V/sml budget. And for all that its not bad: laughs, dyke couple, random silliness ***




#EdgeofTomorrow Machine tooled CGI SF using #GroundhogDay plot and that #TomCruise bloke. The project seems to collapse in upon itself. **


#Elf Dullard Yankee Xmas. Americans you can't beat them (too many missiles) so you have to suffer their seasonal schmaltz. Meh **


#EnoughSaid gentle as a breeze ro-com of suburban middle-aged post divorce life. An indy for knowing &parenting. Hard to dislike or love ***


#Entourage THE MOVIE. Like the TV show but w/ multiple celebs. I despised my way through 6 seasons: six! I must like something about it **


#TheEqualizer #Denzil - ex CIA - goes up against Russian Mafia in Boston set, oddly still, vigilante flic. Much innovation in Hollywood **


#ExMachina Tech guru holed up in the hills brings employee to tst his AI. A stylish a/c that goes a little n*rd Bluebeard for these eyes ***


#Everest Tale of '96 disastrous expedition on epon. Captures well intense efforts reqd. to exist at such alt. w/ gt foto n dir. ****


#EverybodyWantsSome #Linklater tracks a group of jocks in a TX Uni over a few days to term start. Skilled but underwhelming, a mild meh **


#EyeintheSky Interwebbed military & politicians bicker over use of drone weapons to attack monitored Kenyan target. Excels at complexity****




#FadingGigolo #Turturro helmed, with #WoodyA also, in a love letter to golden hr NY as titular. Gentle sex comedy plus Oy vey mafia ***


#FantasticBeastsandWheretoFindThem Rowling turns in another cashcow: CGI driven monsters in early C20 NY weighed down by producers... dull **


#FeverPitch (2005) US version of Hornby novel helmed by FarrleyBros. Odd moments of eccentricity but feels as if all lost interest **


#Filth Weary train of #Welsh stables trotted out by cliche embracing British film industry. Moving along nothing to see... **


#Focus #WillSmith and his steroid bod turn in a delightful long con film with twists aplenty, gt soundtrack. & sweet love story ***²


#47Ronin triple Z fest of #Keanu proving once again how placing an enigma at the core of yr movie does not a film make. Ignore, it'll go away *


#FrancesHa NYC B+W indy follows two 20summat women growing. Perhaps a little winsome but a pleasing outing with a bottle of white ***


#Fury #BradPitt in a tank, what's not to like? #Ayres considers men up close & tuff in WW2 but lets us down w/ tedious gunfight showdown ***




#Ghostbusters a brave casting of an all women crew but this remake lacks the off-camera zing of the original. Some laffs but no connect **


#GodsOfEgypt Utterly bonkers CGI-fest of gods'n'mortals in battle to something or other in the Middle Kingdom... So silly it's kinda fun **


#GoodKill fine a/c of US drone operators killing from distance. Morality questioned as CIA become overseers of illegal program. ****


#Gravity two-hander w #Clooney & #Bullock adrift in space after satellite accident. Not an SF film. Best film seen since #EnterTheVoid *****


#GreenRoom Punk band end up in titular siege as local Nazis seek to clean up problem. Strong violence serves to ratchet up the tension ****


#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy\#Marvel manages to make a half good film shocker. Humour & bonkers CGI, I expect to watch it on a Xmas Day soon***



#HacksawRidge #MelGibson back directing in WW2 tale of heroism. Creaky tale in two parts, the war bit soaked in blood n guts n cliche **


#TheHangover3 better than no.2 - meh, the boys dick around in Mex and then Vegas again to little amusement. **


#HardcoreHenry Filmed as if a POV shooter, this ultra-violent gaming-goes-movies silliness, is both impressive & tedious, one for gamers **


#Heat (1995) Mann's uber heist movie stands up well though #Pacino becomes more tedious. Still, guns, dollars, savvy career crims... ****


#TheHeat #SandraBullock cop coupling comedy both tedious and yet partly hilarious mostly due to #MelissaMcCarthy partner. Still, H/wood! **


#Her #SpikeJonze mirrors our already dystopian & neurotic relationship w/ tech. JPhoenix falls in love w/ an Op/Sys in this poignant tale ****


#HighFidelity revisited for consummate exploration of male heart, this baby just gets better with age + #JackBlack only good film *****


#HighRise disappointing #Ballard adaptation finds execrable #Hiddleston at vapid heart of anomie riddled tale of class in the epon. ***


#TheHobbitTheBattleofFiveArmies pt3 is bereft of script, a dull waddle towards the inevitable conclusion albeit w/ some imaginative action**


#HowToBeSingle Making #Friends look like #Aronofsky's guide to NYC, this pitiful drinks industry paen to #BigApple living is for pre-teens *





#IAmCuba Soviet dir. #Kalatozov turns in agit-prop a/c of life under Batista. Simply astonishing fluid wide-lens camera & heart felt script *****


#TheIceman family guy at home slayer for mob at work: true life a/c of damaged man coldly killing. Workaday 70s mob stuff, gt taches ***


#IfIStay Lachrymose movie maybe but sturdy and engaging carcrash coma affair w/ teen musician couple & cool parents. A pleasing chik flik***


#Imperium Him out of HarryPotter turns in a fine performance as undercover fed up against White Supremacists. No surprises but worthwhile***


#InAWorld Dad & daughter battle it out in H/wood movie voice-over comedy. Sly digs at sparkle town make this a wry & pleasing distract ****


#TheInternship oh god kill me. Proto-fascistic shit house. #OwenWilson & #VinceVaughn loving up a global corporation in alleged comedy. 0*s


#Interstellar #Nolans SF movie traces a path from #Contact via #DMT to love. Struggling to corral his themes but its all there somewhere****


#IOrigins Think #Primer for #bioinformatics vs. #transmigration. Producers look to have imposed a choccy box end but VERY interesting ****


#ITonya darkly comic a/c of T.Harding's career on ice. Her prole ways upset establishment but she sure could skate. Tragic & hilarious****



#JasonBourne utterly derivative, edited by a seven yr old high on jumbo pack of M+Ms, I felt sullied by this cynical retread. Hideous *


#Jobs biopic summarised as "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-for ever". CorporatePR TVmovie No*s


#JohnWick A weaponised #Keanu is hunting down the Russian mob cuz they killed his dog & stole his car. Gun-chop-socky-stabby-stab shite *


#JohnnyGuitar High camp, grand-guignol, crit. of Mcarthyite US: you decide. Astonishing western from '54 demands whole term of film crit****


#Joy sedate plod of mom inventor as she overcomes...to fulfill capital's dream. Quite pleasent but despite strong cast/dir hard to give a***


#JupiterAscending Despite dreadful reviews this SF hokum no worse than staple H/wood fare & has added #SeanBean for lovers of his method**


#JurassicWorld some pesky corporate types plot to breed a better dino. and everyone on that familiar island is in danger... U know **




#KickAss2 Ultra violent, hyper-daft & winking at the camera as it goes, a worthy follow up to no1s tale of can-do super hero silliness. ***


#KillTheMessenger sees a journos expose of #CIA coke smuggling to fund Contras turn to shite as his a/c gets dirty tricks. True story! ***½


#Kingsman a pomo #OurManFlint, this delightful actioneer from #KickArse stable sees estate scrote become gentleman spy saving the world ****


#KnightsOfBadassdom Nerds enacting D&D w/ rubber swords summon a real succubus. We've all been there but sans the disappointing 3rd act. **


#KnockKnock How Keanu sustains a career is beyond me: more dreadful actoring in this home invasion/cheating husband crossover. Risible *





#TheLadyInTheVan #AlanBennett hits the Big Screen in this a/c of the epon living on his rd. A loving exploration of a life hard lived ****


#Legend Brit film makes ½ decent fist of Kray story: gangsters; cockneys; period... #TomHardy excels as both lads wot luvved their mum ****


#TheLegoMovie harnessing a #DMT aesthetic, this satirical have-cake-and-eat-it animation for all the family delivers a satisfying msg ***


#TheLittleDeath Ozzie comedy about sex. I know, frightening concept & yet the intertwining tales herein are both funny & warm but not PC ***


#LondonHasFallen A not terrible 1st act descends into a CGI firefight w/ ultraviolence twixt r hero & the beardy types w/ AK47s. Execrable *


#LoneSurvivor Chk yr politics & suck up US soft power as 4 SEALS firefight to death in Afghan. Good actioneer & deplorable fascist shit. No*


#Love Enfant terrible #Noe is back w/ an urban love story: frank sex & endless bickering. Sweet in places but lacking characterisation ***


#LoveRosie affable Brit rom-com channeling the spirit and some of the characterisation of #Curtis's oeuvre. Will they won't they etc **½


#TheLittleDeath Ozzie comedy about sex. I know, frightening concept & yet the intertwining tales herein are both funny & warm but not PC ***




#Maleficent #AJolie as rework of Sleepng B wikked step. Not without charm as the mo-fo who actually loves. Oops spoiler alert ***


#MapsToTheStars #Cronenburg maps the psychopathology at heart of LaLaland, The Dream Factory which fashions our lives. Cold & uncomfortable ***


#TheMartian #Damon stuck on Mars w/ only science to save him. Pt RobinsonCrusoe, pt Apollo13, some Gravity, gt cast in hokum rescue flic****


#McFarland #Costner coaches deadbeat Hispanic kids into distance runners. What's not to like in underdog/other beats bourgeoisie & true ***


#MadMaxFuryRoad MM2 w/ less script BUT being C21st: CGI. So crap & crapper. Shame, loving design & camera but hard to give a kinetic fuck**


#Marley docuBob. Worthy subject receives a worthy tale. Warning: Rita & ChrisBlackwell ex-prod so nowt too controversial for the brand ****


#MenWomen&Children A fine account of the effects of web & mobile tech on the lives of denizens of Everytown USA, young and old ****


#MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates At times LOL but sadly taking the plot to Hawaii for the wed sinks this otherwise satisfying comedy **


#AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest like #BlazingSaddles sans charm inc remarkable peyote scene, a very dull slice of American fantasy **


#MollysGame #AaronSorkin script propels us along, flattering w/ an insiders schitck on a near legal high stakes poker game. Compelling ***


#MoneyMonster It's a #GorgeousGeorge movie so who really cares. Little people vs WallSt as GG is TV money showman in hostage situation ***


#MonstersDarkContinent a curious melange that juggles genres in this mid-east US at war property w/ monsters as context. Genuinely odd***


#TheMonumentsMen WW2 snore fest as cast of H/wood dependable race around post D-Day Euro trying to locate a script. Some Nazi deaths etc **


#Moonlight in 3 parts: rudderless child; struggling teen; gangsta man. Heart-breaking a/c of a man isolated by the choices available *****




#Neighbors2SororityRising - back now with a women's sorority on the doorstep. It remains funny, fresh & intelligent if familiar ***


#Nightcrawler #JakeGylenhall excels as near psychopathic chancer set on success as a freelance video reporter on LAs highways. Chilling ****


#Noah #Aronofsky falls off my radar with this turgid and ugly Biblical tale. A #MelGibson vehicle but w/ #RCrowe doing SERIOUS. **


#NorthernSoul made with evident love this paean to amphetamine dancing captures the scene well though the 3rd act is familiar. Tunes! ***


#TheNovemberMan #PierceBronsan as hardman special op secret agent thingy. Who cares, its kinda Bond but not crap. Very silly escapism ***


#NowYouSeeMe2 Lost in edit or scriptless: hard to tell, but this smug & vapid revisit to our magician/wrong-righters is a tedious caper *

- -

#Oldboy (2013) Inexplicable remake by #SpikeLee of chop-socky thriller fave is a disinteresting mess. Stick to #ParkChanWook original **


#OnlyLoversLeftAlive #Jarmusch reels out his familiar 80s hipster chic in this civilised take on the vampire. One for the cognoscenti ***


#TheOtherWoman #CDiaz like #JAniston doomed to make 'comedies' without her clothes. Revenge on cheating spouse fantasy that alienates. **




#Paddington2 charm & slapstick abound in this delighting turn around a Notting Hill choccy boxed beyond Curtis's dreams + bonus HGrant *****


#Paterson a sublime a/c of creativity in each & every day sans material reward, #Jarmusch's best. Fine performances, beautifully shot *****


#Plastic crime geezer mode with card fraud hook.Cut above usual though clumsy US sojourn detracts. Starts well but no legs to complete **


#PointBreak (2016) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *


#Predestination #Heinlein based time travel tale boasts a compelling narrative as #EthanHawke navigates time searching for a killer. Yes****


Priest manga vampire chop-socky western - duller than it sounds - searches for script in CGI SciFuture. Puzzling 'could have been' **


#Primer another view of time-travel fiction reveals a brilliantly constructed smoke of evasion negotiating the practicalities. A must****


#ThePurgeElectionYear uber-violent as ever, the annual bacchanalia of killing loses its satirical edge as it up the ante. Amoral **




#TheRaid2 hyper-kinetic chop-socky of the 1st order united w/ fine aesthetic to create startling Filipino cop goes deep cover. Gobsmack!****


#Riddick turgid retread of 1st in series, VinDiesel stuck on planet w/ bounty hunters, nastee monsters & SFXcrew mimicking trauma injuries**


#RoboCop Not totally without the bite of #Verhoeven's original but probably made because of spare CGI capacity on the servers overnight **


#RobotAndFrank ex-con in retirement &the cause of anxiety for his kids who get a robot to help him. Slow and sly the end is exquisite.****


#RogueOne or how the Death Star plans were won, this Star Wars vehicle looks fabulous in its crusty space finery but lacks plot ***


#Rush a/c of 1976 battle twixt Hunt+Lauda for F1 race title. F1 always been ridiculous to me but solid & at times poignant period piece ***



#Sabotage #Arnie leads poe-lice in overly violent Mex drug gang revenge yada. Dir. #Ayer revisits #EndOfWatch tropes to gratuitous effect **


#SanAndreas scriptless CGI-fest of tectonic shifting disaster finds likable #DwayneJohnson helicoptering over CA for daughter, ex-wife etc *


#SausageParty Though it posits opposition to religion and insults EVERYBODY along the way, this animation not as good as it thinks it is **


TheSecretLifeofWalterMitty #BenStiller stars & dir. gentle vanity project as epon. dreamer who enters the world. Gt scenery & #SeanPenn ***


#71 Fine a/c of a young squaddie hunted in Catholic Belfast reveals the cynical politic that ran through that conflict. ****


#SexTape computer product placement drives the narrative in this mirthless sex comedy. But worse, #CameronDiaz: sack yr agent now. *


#Sicario borderlands drug thriller under-played & beautifully shot is rinsed thru w/ menace & paranoia as #EBlunt unpics agency agendas ****


#SonOfSaul a holocaust account told with astonishing method of close up on its protagonist: claustrophobic; terrifying; compelling. *****


#Snowden - blimey #Stone reinis bombast in w/ an excellent account of epon. journey from operative to 'traitor'. See also #CitizenFour ****


#Snowpiercer SF allegory of society on a train built on a comic book w/ Korean chopsocky. #TildaSwinton channels #MaryWhitehouse Bonkers ***


#StarWarsTheForceAwakens shocker: a loving homage to 1st 3 films; a discreet CGI touch; some right on actioneering; a delighting joy *****


#SteveJobs If you really have to hate one IT fukwit this Xmas then Jobs is yr man. #Boyle destroys a rep & bores us at the same time **


#Spectre usual Bond shenanigans, the glee w/ which my companion jigged her way thru the movie suggests all well w/this cornball franchise***


#StarTrekBeyond Utterly derivative and saddled by CGI the Trek franchise is running on empty... v/dull *


#SteveJobs If you really have to hate one IT fukwit this Xmas then Jobs is yr man. #Boyle destroys a rep & bores us at the same time **


#StraightOuttaCompton dreary hagiography following #NWA's rise plays like a shot at protecting a series of product lines. For baggy teens **


#Stretch limo driver tries to find $6k to pay the mob. In one night! Happy companion to #KissKissBangBang w/plenty freaks guns cops etc****


#StVincent #BillMurray does that hang dog ageing loser thing in sweet comedy in which he becomes the eponymous. ***


#Survivor Ldn thriller set in US Embassy.UH! #Jovovich the well attired security adviser battles #Brosnan baddy assassin. I like Brosnan ***


#TheSwimmer #JohnCheever story given H/wood art house touch in 1968 a/c of one man's middle age meltdown. #BurtLancaster superb as epon.****




TakeMeHomeTonight oddly pleasing coming of age movie that manages integrity and some comedy. For H/wood genre, a masterpiece ***


#Taken2 Dreadful reprise of a very below par movie, #LiamNeeson kills folk to save the family in this ex-CIA operative Euro-pud. *


#Taken3 #LiamNeeson seems like a nice fella. In this he fights with a gangsta in Y-fronts. Otherwise barely noteworthy H/wood actioneer. **


#10000Saints reminiscences abound in this 80s NYC tale of punk rock love & pain. A neat take on that those terrible teen/20s years ***


#ThatAwkwardMoment Superior NY rom-com sees 3 men abjure those 4 bros whilst secretly romancing. Gt script stutters to 3rd act yawn ***


#TheseFinalHours Oz indy charts a mans life as world comes to end, like, really end! How 1 conducts 1self in the madness is what matters****


#TheyLive #JohnCarpenter's '88 cult movie: rich are aliens who ctrl thru msgs to consume & OBEY: prescient! *****


#ThinkLikeAManToo Pitiful visiting Vegas trope trotted out to cash in on its inventive and pleasing progenitor. Truly appalling, don't! *.


#13HoursTheSecretSoldiersOfBenghazi As guilty pleasures go this one's a 2. 140mins of mercenaries shouting & unleashing ordinance. Dull **


#ThisIsWhereILeaveYou irritating bourgeois Americans squabbling during prolonged wake for dad. Too tiresome to care about **


#ThisIsSpinalTap superb rockumentary that keeps on giving. The knowledge that much of it is a gnats testicle from the truth only improves it *****


#ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri Smart comedy/drama set in titular, #FrancesMcDormand superb as ma intent on justice in sml town****


#300RiseOfAnEmpire More blokes in pants, plunging swords and all the budget on CGI do not a film make. Utter shit, avoid... *


#TopFive #ChrisRock as star about to embark on celeb wed. Delighting a/c of mediated fame, Rock brings warmth 2 this intelligent comedy****


#Trainwreck not quite as funny as it wants to be, #AmySchumer plays up as sleeparound lass meeting that guy. #LeBronJames very pleasing ***


#Trance DBoyle latest trips over its tortuous & twisty plot of an art heist & hypnotism used to find loot as it questions what is real ***


#Transcendence #Depp is the final nail in the coffin for this type of sci-fi movie, overly ambitious, weak 3rd act, preposterous **


Transformers 3 recruitment poster for America in all its deafening childlike glory, played out w/ Saturday morning animation physics. *


#Transformers 4 - crass franchise CGI-fest edited by a cracked-up 10yr old, scripted by his baby sis. Possibly the worst movie ever made *


#22JumpStreet Overly reflexive but #JonahHIll carries this genial tale of undercover comedy cops with much po-mo gagging ***


#2Guns #Wahlberg & #Denzil bad guys really good guys robbing banks & shit from guys who seem good but r bad. Nice chemistry, floppy plot ***


#TwoNightStand another not displeasing indy NYC rom-com in which... ahh who cares its okay, sort of funny, tedious 3rd act etc ***



Unknown Berlin best thing in this sluggish LNeeson amnesia-assassin adaptation. Liam kept me awake with his over busy shouty schitck **




#Victoria Astonishing one-shot (138') movie follows epon. as she becomes embroiled in real-time events in a Berlin night. Breath-taking*****




#WarmBodies po-mo zombie rom-com subordinates teen angst to its witty tale of zombies finding their humanity. Includes #JohnMalkovich ****


#WarDogs two US boys become major arms players in a true story film. No backers scared in this familiarly told tale w/ usual tropes ***


#WarOnEveryone violent cops chase down crime in NM. Delightfully shot, richly comic w/ sinister underbelly. Him what made #The Guard ***


#WereTheMillers #JenAniston fulfills her contract to demean herself annually in not unfunny a/c of drug-running & the strength of US dream**


#WhatIf #DanielRadcliffe in pleasing metropolitan 20summats figuring out love. Sharply written & nice performances make a sweetie rom-com ***


#WhileWereYoung Comedy of middle ageing &.youthful hubris deftly maps hipster appeal against anxiety of age in a deftly drawn movie ****


#Whiplash young jazz drummer seeks FAME under sadistic tutelage of drill sgt. type. Powerful drumming sequences paint a compelling a/c****


#WildCard Floundering Vegas noir driven to rocks by #Staham 'ard man schtick & poor direction. Pugilistic gun-fu & dreary card playing **


#TheWolfOfWallStreet Tale of '90s perfidy on W/St w #diCaprio in lead. #Scorsese dir. a flabby, shambling book adaptation. Interminable **


#TheWorldsEnd #Pegg & #Wright deliver another great 1/3 of a film only to allow infantile fanboy chop-socky alien fantasies to spoil it **


#Wyrmwood missing a script this inventive Oz zombie flic melds #MadMax aesthetic to its indy sensibility. Shame it has no narrative arc ***



X,Y & Z

#Zoolander2 #Stiller's silly fashion satire is back & incredibly stupid it is. #Sting appears and is funny & that's wrong. Z2, you get **





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