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At the end of 2009 I began tweeting reviews of the movies I was seeing. It was the act of a diminishing memory as I struggled to recall whether I'd seen a film or not.

It was a 'moviegoing' time.




#AboutTime middle-English timetravel rom-com whimsy. Irritating & most affecting this last from #Curtis frees me from cinemas gt paradox ***


#Allied So dull, WW2 spy shenanigans w that nice #BradPitt & the thrills of Year 5s recorder ensemble. Still, pretty costumes so who cares *


#AlltheOldKnives a book now a movie squirms its way through an intricate thriller of flashback spying betrayal. Deft ****


#AmericanHeist Lactose-intolerant caper movie in which #Brody looks to be on the wrong set & the script was written using dead letter drop**


#AmericanHoney road-trip picaresque shot neath mid-western skies & strip malls. Heroine seeks adventure, tastes love, grows a little. ****


#AmericanHustle sub-Scorsese narrative of con upon Feds politicos & Mob in 70s set soundtracked & shod familiar. Too impressed w/ itself ***


#AmericanSniper #ClintEastwood delivers an addition to the hagiography of America's fantasy fighting force. Part fascistic, part moving **


#Anchorman2 - remarkably unfunny rehash of #WillFerrell newsman 'comedy' vehicle. Not a smirk was had for this lazy trudge to the bank *


#Arrival aliens arrive & need to be communicated with. Superior SF thinkpiece that posits language as creator of the real, a must-see ****



#BadMoms Probably the best of the genre for '16, a comedy that fails to offend, is magnanimous, right on and just filthy enough. ***


#BadNeighbors Shouldn't be funny/damn well is. sees new parents fight frat house next door in quest 4 peace. Nicely observed & laffs ****


#BeginAgain Small NY comedy of indy music success grows on ya. #Ruffalo washed up exec making #Kiera big. Should be terrible but its not ***


#BridgeOfSpies Newcomers #Spielberg & #Hanks deliver compotent a/c of spy handover in Cold War GDR. Still H/wood by nos: Xmas Quality St ***


#BridgetJonesBaby tedious milking of cashcow w/ terrible possibility of another. I like romcom as much as the next man but this is dull **


#TheBigShort AAA a/c of 2008 US bank collapse & the men who saw it coming, starts well but weighed down by aspiration & multiple actors ***


#Blackhat another #MichaelMann film that elides surface and content presenting as sheen & yet enquiring of form. Hackers, guns, travel ****


#BigGame If you see one daft actioneer this year then make it this one. #SamJackson is #POTUS rescued by a Finnish kid. A silly treat ****


#BillyLynnsLongHalftimeWalk heroism in Irak ends up as propaganda shuffle for company B. A disjointed & badly edited adaptation, some good**


#BlackCrab Turns out the Swedes like knocking out post-apocalyptic danger mission team movies too. Better for its Scandi origins but still dull **


#BossLevel Life played as a shoot-um up game in endless round of death and rebirth as our hero searches for answers. Stupid, violent fun. ***


#Bros Rom-com for boys but threesomes, pecs and a hectoring and nebbish lead do not make a rom or a com. Vacuous and ill-judged **


#BulletTrain appaling masala of lame actioneer movies polished with that dreadful cockernee ladness beloved of Guy Ritche. So many questions but mostly Brad, oh Brad: why? *





#CaptainFantastic Off-grid dad #ViggoMortensen leads 6 feral kids to ma's funeral. Weak script & ungainly edit but still delightful ***


#CentralIntelligence delighting buddy spy shenanigans with #TheRock whose charisma as nerd made muscled CIA operative is remarkable.****


#Chef #Favereau attempts rtn to indy roots as maverick epon. but looks like no one can tell the big fella when to stop. Cut 30' and maybe **


#CitizenFour follows #EdwardSnowden 2013 leaks. Playing more like a taut thriller than a by-the-min documentary, its a remarkable film *****


#Clean AdrianBrody pet project of necessary vigilante violence in which his gym subscription does all the work. Nasty and tedious **


#TheCommuter #LiamNeeson may well have a special set of skills but but this turgid peril on a train actioneer wastes them... by numbers **


#ComputerChess b+w faux doc about epon, a v/dry & trippy comedy. Tastes like #Primer but launches an assault on todays uber nerd culture****


CrazyStupidLove a superior H/wood romcom both funny & romantic w/ nuanced performaces, sharp script & stylish design. Gt tunes to ****


#CubanFury WTF, Ldn salsa scene provides #NickFrost a vehicle to... depressing Brit film industry product with some sitcom laffs **




#DadsArmy Puzzling rehash of this 70s fave produces familiar tropes & zero laughs. Shame, it's the sort of thing youd like to work but...**


#DallasBuyersClub 80s Texas & AIDS is killing. Redneck #McConaghy hustles for treatment as Big Pharma makes $. Good if H/wood worthy ***


#DarkestHour #Oldman's Churchill aside this trudge down GB Way jumps the shark at 'We've lost the PM'. Expecting spam for tea **


#DasBoot WW2 U-boot drama does a lot with a bunch of blokes stuck in a submarine: at 209' a remarkable achievement full of tension etc ****


#Daybreakers Fabulous idea: world run by vampires but the human blood is running out. Inventive but bloody descent into V.silly gorefest ***


#Deadpool a distinctly ironic ('meta' - sigh) take on the comic book hero, w/ a sweet love story at its heart. Violent, smart & funny ****


#DoctorStrange #DMT goes mainstream w/ superhero flic that draws down the whole new age ontology. Lumbering 3rd CGI act aside, innarestin***


#DonPeyote WTF stoner movie that wants to channel #Jodorowosky but left me feeling embarrassed for the extras. Shame Im their demographic**


#DontLookUp An earth extinction event is eagerly avoided by all the dumb partners of a Trumpian political landscape in a comic satire on our Climate Emergency. ***


#Downsizing Curious people miniaturisation SF yarn that fails to tie its threads together. Satire seems intended but of what. Pity **


#DraculaUntold H/wood superhero tropes channeled into a 'before' story of Drakularrr Prince of ZZZs. Usual CGI shite, not without appeal **


#DragonBlade my 8yr old cooked this one up: Romans yeah but in China w/ #JackieChan chop-sock #Cusack & CGI. What can go wrong? A mystery *


#TheDrop The staff in the Boston bar where the mob drop the money may be crooked. You can imagine how it's going to play. And it does. ***


#Dirty30 another oh so ok H/wood comedy, this w/ a V/sml budget. And for all that its not bad: laughs, dyke couple, random silliness ***




#EdgeofTomorrow Machine tooled CGI SF using #GroundhogDay plot and that #TomCruise bloke. The project seems to collapse in upon itself. **


#Elf Dullard Yankee Xmas. Americans you can't beat them (too many missiles) so you have to suffer their seasonal schmaltz. Meh **


#EnoughSaid gentle as a breeze ro-com of suburban middle-aged post divorce life. An indy for knowing &parenting. Hard to dislike or love ***


#Entourage THE MOVIE. Like the TV show but w/ multiple celebs. I despised my way through 6 seasons: six! I must like something about it **


#TheEqualizer #Denzil - ex CIA - goes up against Russian Mafia in Boston set, oddly still, vigilante flic. Much innovation in Hollywood **


#ExMachina Tech guru holed up in the hills brings employee to tst his AI. A stylish a/c that goes a little n*rd Bluebeard for these eyes ***


#Everest Tale of '96 disastrous expedition on epon. Captures well intense efforts reqd. to exist at such alt. w/ gt foto n dir. ****


#EverybodyWantsSome #Linklater tracks a group of jocks in a TX Uni over a few days to term start. Skilled but underwhelming, a mild meh **


#EyeintheSky Interwebbed military & politicians bicker over use of drone weapons to attack monitored Kenyan target. Excels at complexity****




#FadingGigolo #Turturro helmed, with #WoodyA also, in a love letter to golden hr NY as titular. Gentle sex comedy plus Oy vey mafia ***


#FantasticBeastsandWheretoFindThem Rowling turns in another cashcow: CGI driven monsters in early C20 NY weighed down by producers... dull **


#FeverPitch (2005) US version of Hornby novel helmed by FarrleyBros. Odd moments of eccentricity but feels as if all lost interest **


#Filth Weary train of #Welsh stables trotted out by cliche embracing British film industry. Moving along nothing to see... **


#Focus #WillSmith and his steroid bod turn in a delightful long con film with twists aplenty, gt soundtrack. & sweet love story ***


#47Ronin triple Z fest of #Keanu proving once again how placing an enigma at the core of yr movie does not a film make. Ignore, it'll go away *


#14PeaksNothingIsImpossible - a Nepali team summit all 14 8000m+ mountains in...WTF one climbing season. Nice doc put together nicely ***


#FrancesHa NYC B+W indy follows two 20summat women growing. Perhaps a little winsome but a pleasing outing with a bottle of white ***


#TheFrenchDespatch Crafty old auteur Wes Anderson does his thing. You either hates him or you dont. I loved it ****


#Fury #BradPitt in a tank, what's not to like? #Ayres considers men up close & tuff in WW2 but lets us down w/ tedious gunfight showdown ***




#Ghostbusters a brave casting of an all women crew but this remake lacks the off-camera zing of the original. Some laffs but no connect **


#GodsOfEgypt Utterly bonkers CGI-fest of gods'n'mortals in battle to something or other in the Middle Kingdom... So silly it's kinda fun **


#GoodKill fine a/c of US drone operators killing from distance. Morality questioned as CIA become overseers of illegal program. ****


#Gravity two-hander w #Clooney & #Bullock adrift in space after satellite accident. Not an SF film. Best film seen since #EnterTheVoid *****


#GreenRoom Punk band end up in titular siege as local Nazis seek to clean up problem. Strong violence serves to ratchet up the tension ****


#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy\#Marvel manages to make a half good film shocker. Humour & bonkers CGI, I expect to watch it on a Xmas Day soon***



#HacksawRidge #MelGibson back directing in WW2 tale of heroism. Creaky tale in two parts, the war bit soaked in blood n guts n cliche **


#TheHangover3 better than no.2 - meh, the boys dick around in Mex and then Vegas again to little amusement. **


#HardcoreHenry Filmed as if a POV shooter, this ultra-violent gaming-goes-movies silliness, is both impressive & tedious, one for gamers **


#Heat (1995) Mann's uber heist movie stands up well though #Pacino becomes more tedious. Still, guns, dollars, savvy career crims... ****


#TheHeat #SandraBullock cop coupling comedy both tedious and yet partly hilarious mostly due to #MelissaMcCarthy partner. Still, H/wood! **


#Her #SpikeJonze mirrors our already dystopian & neurotic relationship w/ tech. JPhoenix falls in love w/ an Op/Sys in this poignant tale ****


#HighFidelity revisited for consummate exploration of male heart, this baby just gets better with age + #JackBlack only good film *****


#HighRise disappointing #Ballard adaptation finds execrable #Hiddleston at vapid heart of anomie riddled tale of class in the epon. ***


#TheHobbitTheBattleofFiveArmies pt3 is bereft of script, a dull waddle towards the inevitable conclusion albeit w/ some imaginative action**


#HowToBeSingle Making #Friends look like #Aronofsky's guide to NYC, this pitiful drinks industry paen to #BigApple living is for pre-teens *





#IAmCuba Soviet dir. #Kalatozov turns in agit-prop a/c of life under Batista. Simply astonishing fluid wide-lens camera & heart felt script *****


#TheIceman family guy at home slayer for mob at work: true life a/c of damaged man coldly killing. Workaday 70s mob stuff, gt taches ***


#IfIStay Lachrymose movie maybe but sturdy and engaging carcrash coma affair w/ teen musician couple & cool parents. A pleasing chik flik***


#Imperium Him out of HarryPotter turns in a fine performance as undercover fed up against White Supremacists. No surprises but worthwhile***


#InAWorld Dad & daughter battle it out in H/wood movie voice-over comedy. Sly digs at sparkle town make this a wry & pleasing distract ****


#TheInternship oh god kill me. Proto-fascistic shit house. #OwenWilson & #VinceVaughn loving up a global corporation in alleged comedy. 0*s


#Interstellar #Nolans SF movie traces a path from #Contact via #DMT to love. Struggling to corral his themes but its all there somewhere****


#IOrigins Think #Primer for #bioinformatics vs. #transmigration. Producers look to have imposed a choccy box end but VERY interesting ****


#ITonya darkly comic a/c of T.Harding's career on ice. Her prole ways upset establishment but she sure could skate. Tragic & hilarious****



#JasonBourne utterly derivative, edited by a seven yr old high on jumbo pack of M+Ms, I felt sullied by this cynical retread. Hideous *


#Jobs biopic summarised as "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face-for ever". CorporatePR TVmovie No*s


#JohnWick A weaponised #Keanu is hunting down the Russian mob cuz they killed his dog & stole his car. Gun-chop-socky-stabby-stab shite *


#JohnnyGuitar High camp, grand-guignol, crit. of Mcarthyite US: you decide. Astonishing western from '54 demands whole term of film crit****


#Joy sedate plod of mom inventor as she overcomes...to fulfill capital's dream. Quite pleasent but despite strong cast/dir hard to give a***


#JupiterAscending Despite dreadful reviews this SF hokum no worse than staple H/wood fare & has added #SeanBean for lovers of his method**


#JurassicWorld some pesky corporate types plot to breed a better dino. and everyone on that familiar island is in danger... U know **




#KickAss2 Ultra violent, hyper-daft & winking at the camera as it goes, a worthy follow up to no1s tale of can-do super hero silliness. ***


#KillTheMessenger sees a journos expose of #CIA coke smuggling to fund Contras turn to shite as his a/c gets dirty tricks. True story! ***½


#Kingsman a pomo #OurManFlint, this delightful actioneer from #KickArse stable sees estate scrote become gentleman spy saving the world ****


#KnightsOfBadassdom Nerds enacting D&D w/ rubber swords summon a real succubus. We've all been there but sans the disappointing 3rd act. **


#KnockKnock How Keanu sustains a career is beyond me: more dreadful actoring in this home invasion/cheating husband crossover. Risible *





#TheLadyInTheVan #AlanBennett hits the Big Screen in this a/c of the epon living on his rd. A loving exploration of a life hard lived ****


#LastLooks knowing comic LA noir reminiscent of #KissKissBangBang - a good thing - though WTF Mel Gibson: isn't he persona non gratis? ***


#Legend Brit film makes ½ decent fist of Kray story: gangsters; cockneys; period... #TomHardy excels as both lads wot luvved their mum ****


#TheLegoMovie harnessing a #DMT aesthetic, this satirical have-cake-and-eat-it animation for all the family delivers a satisfying msg ***


#TheLittleDeath Ozzie comedy about sex. I know, frightening concept & yet the intertwining tales herein are both funny & warm but not PC ***


#LondonHasFallen A not terrible 1st act descends into a CGI firefight w/ ultraviolence twixt r hero & the beardy types w/ AK47s. Execrable *


#LoneSurvivor Chk yr politics & suck up US soft power as 4 SEALS firefight to death in Afghan. Good actioneer & deplorable fascist shit. No*


#Love Enfant terrible #Noe is back w/ an urban love story: frank sex & endless bickering. Sweet in places but lacking characterisation ***


#LoveRosie affable Brit rom-com channeling the spirit and some of the characterisation of #Curtis's oeuvre. Will they won't they etc **½


#TheLittleDeath Ozzie comedy about sex. I know, frightening concept & yet the intertwining tales herein are both funny & warm but not PC ***




#Maleficent #AJolie as rework of Sleepng B wikked step. Not without charm as the mo-fo who actually loves. Oops spoiler alert ***


#MapsToTheStars #Cronenburg maps the psychopathology at heart of LaLaland, The Dream Factory which fashions our lives. Cold & uncomfortable ***


#TheMartian #Damon stuck on Mars w/ only science to save him. Pt RobinsonCrusoe, pt Apollo13, some Gravity, gt cast in hokum rescue flic****


#McFarland #Costner coaches deadbeat Hispanic kids into distance runners. What's not to like in underdog/other beats bourgeoisie & true ***


#MadMaxFuryRoad MM2 w/ less script BUT being C21st: CGI. So crap & crapper. Shame, loving design & camera but hard to give a kinetic fuck**


#Marley docuBob. Worthy subject receives a worthy tale. Warning: Rita & ChrisBlackwell ex-prod so nowt too controversial for the brand ****


#MenWomen&Children A fine account of the effects of web & mobile tech on the lives of denizens of Everytown USA, young and old ****


#MikeAndDaveNeedWeddingDates At times LOL but sadly taking the plot to Hawaii for the wed sinks this otherwise satisfying comedy **


#AMillionWaysToDieInTheWest like #BlazingSaddles sans charm inc remarkable peyote scene, a very dull slice of American fantasy **


#MollysGame #AaronSorkin script propels us along, flattering w/ an insiders schitck on a near legal high stakes poker game. Compelling ***


#MoneyMonster It's a #GorgeousGeorge movie so who really cares. Little people vs WallSt as GG is TV money showman in hostage situation ***


#MonstersDarkContinent a curious melange that juggles genres in this mid-east US at war property w/ monsters as context. Genuinely odd***


#TheMonumentsMen WW2 snore fest as cast of H/wood dependable race around post D-Day Euro trying to locate a script. Some Nazi deaths etc **


#Moonlight in 3 parts: rudderless child; struggling teen; gangsta man. Heart-breaking a/c of a man isolated by the choices available *****




#Neighbors2SororityRising - back now with a women's sorority on the doorstep. It remains funny, fresh & intelligent if familiar ***


#Nightcrawler #JakeGylenhall excels as near psychopathic chancer set on success as a freelance video reporter on LAs highways. Chilling ****


#Noah #Aronofsky falls off my radar with this turgid and ugly Biblical tale. A #MelGibson vehicle but w/ #RCrowe doing SERIOUS. **


#NorthernSoul made with evident love this paean to amphetamine dancing captures the scene well though the 3rd act is familiar. Tunes! ***


#TheNovemberMan #PierceBronsan as hardman special op secret agent thingy. Who cares, its kinda Bond but not crap. Very silly escapism ***


#NowYouSeeMe2 Lost in edit or scriptless: hard to tell, but this smug & vapid revisit to our magician/wrong-righters is a tedious caper *


- -


#Old Yay, Shyalaman back in the game making movies that by turns intrigue, enchant and stupify. Folk stranded on a beach start to get... O L D! ***


#Oldboy (2013) Inexplicable remake by #SpikeLee of chop-socky thriller fave is a disinteresting mess. Stick to #ParkChanWook original **


#OnlyLoversLeftAlive #Jarmusch reels out his familiar 80s hipster chic in this civilised take on the vampire. One for the cognoscenti ***


#OperationMincemeat WW2 derring doo's in this plucky Brits vs the Bosch genre. Please stop making these films **


#TheOtherWoman #CDiaz like #JAniston doomed to make 'comedies' without her clothes. Revenge on cheating spouse fantasy that alienates. **




#Paddington2 charm & slapstick abound in this delighting turn around a Notting Hill choccy boxed beyond Curtis's dreams + bonus HGrant *****


#Paterson a sublime a/c of creativity in each & every day sans material reward, #Jarmusch's best. Fine performances, beautifully shot *****


#Plastic crime geezer mode with card fraud hook.Cut above usual though clumsy US sojourn detracts. Starts well but no legs to complete **


#PointBreak (2016) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *


#Predestination #Heinlein based time travel tale boasts a compelling narrative as #EthanHawke navigates time searching for a killer. Yes****


Priest manga vampire chop-socky western - duller than it sounds - searches for script in CGI SciFuture. Puzzling 'could have been' **


#Prey Another stab at the Predator franchise sets in First Nation c17th America and that cowardly alien goes toe to toe with a Native teen girl. An imaginative opportunity for the franchise, but still crap. **


#Primer another view of time-travel fiction reveals a brilliantly constructed smoke of evasion negotiating the practicalities. A must****


#ThePurgeElectionYear uber-violent as ever, the annual bacchanalia of killing loses its satirical edge as it up the ante. Amoral **




#TheRaid2 hyper-kinetic chop-socky of the 1st order united w/ fine aesthetic to create startling Filipino cop goes deep cover. Gobsmack!****


#Riddick turgid retread of 1st in series, VinDiesel stuck on planet w/ bounty hunters, nastee monsters & SFXcrew mimicking trauma injuries**


#RoboCop Not totally without the bite of #Verhoeven's original but probably made because of spare CGI capacity on the servers overnight **


#RobotAndFrank ex-con in retirement &the cause of anxiety for his kids who get a robot to help him. Slow and sly the end is exquisite.****


#RogueOne or how the Death Star plans were won, this Star Wars vehicle looks fabulous in its crusty space finery but lacks plot ***


#Rush a/c of 1976 battle twixt Hunt+Lauda for F1 race title. F1 always been ridiculous to me but solid & at times poignant period piece ***



#Sabotage #Arnie leads poe-lice in overly violent Mex drug gang revenge yada. Dir. #Ayer revisits #EndOfWatch tropes to gratuitous effect **


#SanAndreas scriptless CGI-fest of tectonic shifting disaster finds likable #DwayneJohnson helicoptering over CA for daughter, ex-wife etc *


#SausageParty Though it posits opposition to religion and insults EVERYBODY along the way, this animation not as good as it thinks it is **


TheSecretLifeofWalterMitty #BenStiller stars & dir. gentle vanity project as epon. dreamer who enters the world. Gt scenery & #SeanPenn ***


#71 Fine a/c of a young squaddie hunted in Catholic Belfast reveals the cynical politic that ran through that conflict. ****


#SeeHowTheyRun '50s set comedy murder mystery set around a production of 'The Mousetrap'. Soupcon of #WesAnderson, some #KnivesOut and a whole heap of script/acting makes this a real doozie: w


#SexTape computer product placement drives the narrative in this mirthless sex comedy. But worse, #CameronDiaz: sack yr agent now. *


#Sicario borderlands drug thriller under-played & beautifully shot is rinsed thru w/ menace & paranoia as #EBlunt unpics agency agendas ****


#SonOfSaul a holocaust account told with astonishing method of close up on its protagonist: claustrophobic; terrifying; compelling. *****


#Snowden - blimey #Stone reinis bombast in w/ an excellent account of epon. journey from operative to 'traitor'. See also #CitizenFour ****


#Snowpiercer SF allegory of society on a train built on a comic book w/ Korean chopsocky. #TildaSwinton channels #MaryWhitehouse Bonkers ***


#StarWarsTheForceAwakens shocker: a loving homage to 1st 3 films; a discreet CGI touch; some right on actioneering; a delighting joy *****


#SteveJobs If you really have to hate one IT fukwit this Xmas then Jobs is yr man. #Boyle destroys a rep & bores us at the same time **


#Spectre usual Bond shenanigans, the glee w/ which my companion jigged her way thru the movie suggests all well w/this cornball franchise***


#StarTrekBeyond Utterly derivative and saddled by CGI the Trek franchise is running on empty... v/dull *


#SteveJobs If you really have to hate one IT fukwit this Xmas then Jobs is yr man. #Boyle destroys a rep & bores us at the same time **


#StraightOuttaCompton dreary hagiography following #NWA's rise plays like a shot at protecting a series of product lines. For baggy teens **


#Stretch limo driver tries to find $6k to pay the mob. In one night! Happy companion to #KissKissBangBang w/plenty freaks guns cops etc****


#StVincent #BillMurray does that hang dog ageing loser thing in sweet comedy in which he becomes the eponymous. ***


#Survivor Ldn thriller set in US Embassy.UH! #Jovovich the well attired security adviser battles #Brosnan baddy assassin. I like Brosnan ***


#TheSwimmer #JohnCheever story given H/wood art house touch in 1968 a/c of one man's middle age meltdown. #BurtLancaster superb as epon.****




TakeMeHomeTonight oddly pleasing coming of age movie that manages integrity and some comedy. For H/wood genre, a masterpiece ***


#Taken2 Dreadful reprise of a very below par movie, #LiamNeeson kills folk to save the family in this ex-CIA operative Euro-pud. *


#Taken3 #LiamNeeson seems like a nice fella. In this he fights with a gangsta in Y-fronts. Otherwise barely noteworthy H/wood actioneer. **


#10000Saints reminiscences abound in this 80s NYC tale of punk rock love & pain. A neat take on that those terrible teen/20s years ***


#ThatAwkwardMoment Superior NY rom-com sees 3 men abjure those 4 bros whilst secretly romancing. Gt script stutters to 3rd act yawn ***


#TheHobbit fan edit. All three films edited into one 4hr film OF THE BOOK. It felt like I'd never seen half of it before such was the tedium and kitsch of the originals. Includes 'Intermission' card ***


#TheseFinalHours Oz indy charts a mans life as world comes to end, like, really end! How 1 conducts 1self in the madness is what matters****


#TheyLive #JohnCarpenter's '88 cult movie: rich are aliens who ctrl thru msgs to consume & OBEY: prescient! *****


#ThinkLikeAManToo Pitiful visiting Vegas trope trotted out to cash in on its inventive and pleasing progenitor. Truly appalling, don't! *.


#13HoursTheSecretSoldiersOfBenghazi As guilty pleasures go this one's a 2. 140mins of mercenaries shouting & unleashing ordinance. Dull **


#ThisIsWhereILeaveYou irritating bourgeois Americans squabbling during prolonged wake for dad. Too tiresome to care about **


#ThisIsSpinalTap superb rockumentary that keeps on giving. The knowledge that much of it is a gnats testicle from the truth only improves it *****


#ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri Smart comedy/drama set in titular, #FrancesMcDormand superb as ma intent on justice in sml town****


#300RiseOfAnEmpire More blokes in pants, plunging swords and all the budget on CGI do not a film make. Utter shit, avoid... *


#TicketToParadise Clooney and Roberts back together again but they skipped the script and sent them to Bali instead. Shame, some pleasing chemistry twixt our leads **


#TopFive #ChrisRock as star about to embark on celeb wed. Delighting a/c of mediated fame, Rock brings warmth 2 this intelligent comedy****


#Trainwreck not quite as funny as it wants to be, #AmySchumer plays up as sleeparound lass meeting that guy. #LeBronJames very pleasing ***


#Trance DBoyle latest trips over its tortuous & twisty plot of an art heist & hypnotism used to find loot as it questions what is real ***


#Transcendence #Depp is the final nail in the coffin for this type of sci-fi movie, overly ambitious, weak 3rd act, preposterous **


Transformers 3 recruitment poster for America in all its deafening childlike glory, played out w/ Saturday morning animation physics. *


#Transformers 4 - crass franchise CGI-fest edited by a cracked-up 10yr old, scripted by his baby sis. Possibly the worst movie ever made *


#22JumpStreet Overly reflexive but #JonahHIll carries this genial tale of undercover comedy cops with much po-mo gagging ***


#2Guns #Wahlberg & #Denzil bad guys really good guys robbing banks & shit from guys who seem good but r bad. Nice chemistry, floppy plot ***


#TwoNightStand another not displeasing indy NYC rom-com in which... ahh who cares its okay, sort of funny, tedious 3rd act etc ***



Unknown Berlin best thing in this sluggish LNeeson amnesia-assassin adaptation. Liam kept me awake with his over busy shouty schitck **




#Victoria Astonishing one-shot (138') movie follows epon. as she becomes embroiled in real-time events in a Berlin night. Breath-taking*****




#WarmBodies po-mo zombie rom-com subordinates teen angst to its witty tale of zombies finding their humanity. Includes #JohnMalkovich ****


#WarDogs two US boys become major arms players in a true story film. No backers scared in this familiarly told tale w/ usual tropes ***


#WarOnEveryone violent cops chase down crime in NM. Delightfully shot, richly comic w/ sinister underbelly. Him what made #The Guard ***


#WereTheMillers #JenAniston fulfills her contract to demean herself annually in not unfunny a/c of drug-running & the strength of US dream**


#WhatIf #DanielRadcliffe in pleasing metropolitan 20summats figuring out love. Sharply written & nice performances make a sweetie rom-com ***


#WhileWereYoung Comedy of middle ageing &.youthful hubris deftly maps hipster appeal against anxiety of age in a deftly drawn movie ****


#Whiplash young jazz drummer seeks FAME under sadistic tutelage of drill sgt. type. Powerful drumming sequences paint a compelling a/c****


#WildCard Floundering Vegas noir driven to rocks by #Staham 'ard man schtick & poor direction. Pugilistic gun-fu & dreary card playing **


#TheWolfOfWallStreet Tale of '90s perfidy on W/St w #diCaprio in lead. #Scorsese dir. a flabby, shambling book adaptation. Interminable **


#TheWorldsEnd #Pegg & #Wright deliver another great 1/3 of a film only to allow infantile fanboy chop-socky alien fantasies to spoil it **


#Wyrmwood missing a script this inventive Oz zombie flic melds #MadMax aesthetic to its indy sensibility. Shame it has no narrative arc ***



X,Y & Z

#Zoolander2 #Stiller's silly fashion satire is back & incredibly stupid it is. #Sting appears and is funny & that's wrong. Z2, you get **





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